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Customer Speak
"Inputs from Ibexi were useful for completion of implementation within the expected timeframe, since they have
- Insurance domain understanding
- Process knowledge in international context, especially the cross- functional relationship-extending from front and back office operations
- Project management skills to manage the business application implementation including requirements analysis, testing and user training..."
Rachna Sethi Vice President (Special projects),
Royal Sun Alliance Insurance Company Ltd, India
"You can't build a point of view in isolation of the business, so we built business training programmes like insurance 101, insurance 201 so that our people can understand the business relevance of what they're doing..."

Vivek Paul Vice Chairman, Wipro
"We are very happy to record that the training imparted was in-depth and relevant for the trainees. The feedback from the trainees was equally good in terms of usefulness and pedagogy, and they have been able to apply the training to practical use "

Shubhayu Sengupta
Head- Human Resources Swiss re Shared Services (India) Pvt Ltd

Products - Core Applications

INGENIUM®           SAPIENS IDIT®          ProductXpress®          iGas

INGENIUM®, is a high-performance, Web services-enabled policy administration system that scales to high-volume environments, providing robust, full-function processing for an extensive range of life and investment products. Through its powerful PathFinder browser interface, INGENIUM® enables dynamic business activity monitoring, providing real opportunities for business process improvement and rapid return on investment (ROI). Integration with ProductXpress® allows IT to rapidly define and implement new products using table-based design and calculation configuration. INGENIUM® integrates seamlessly with standard third-party solutions including customer service Web portals and other mid and front office tools. INGENIUM® 's extensible real-time availability provides accessibility to all distribution and customer service channels, even while your daily batch processing is running.

Requiring nothing more than a browser, INGENIUM® provides easy access for distributors, customers and business partners. INGENIUM® 's PathFinder architecture supports the definition of tailored business processes and user interaction to suit any user or business scenario. With this ability to define an intuitive, friendly interface for all users, INGENIUM® provides tremendous flexibility for the way companies do business.

INGENIUM®is the leading administration system for life insurance and wealth management products.


"The system boasts top-notch scalability matched by few competitors."

Celent Communications

Sapiens IDIT is a suite of comprehensive, component based insurance software solutions for the general insurance (P&C) market - both personal & commercial insurance. Sapiens IDIT addresses the specific needs of general insurance for traditional insurance, direct insurance, bancassurance and brokers markets.

Sapiens IDIT system supports all personal and commercial lines of business including fleets as well as a variety of health, medical and term-life insurance products through the dynamic, parametric product and coverage manager. It is the leading enterprise application software for the Direct Insurance industry integrating sales, service, policy administration, claims processing, collection, back office and business intelligence modules.

Sapiens IDIT is comprised of modular software components which can be customized to match specific legacy systems and insurance business requirements, while providing pre-configured functionality.


"The solution is becoming the elder statesmen of truly modern PAS systems and in Celent's view, can be viewed as a proven solution"

Celent Communications

PRODUCT XPRESS ®  is a fully integrated software suite that helps financial organizations accelerate the introduction of new financial products.

Today's competitive insurance environment requires the ability to rapidly define new product characteristics with minimal time and expense. One of the most significant items on the critical path during the insurance product development cycle is systems development and implementation. Traditional system limitations are unacceptable. ProductXpress® reduces the time and expense related to these activities and enables rapid product introduction.

Business users including actuarial, underwriting, and marketing are empowered to define product algorithms and rules which can be deployed across other enterprise systems using ProductXpress® Designer. In the Designer Test Lab®, users can test various "what-if" scenarios against the newly defined products and formula. Calculation results can be visualized in charts to assist in analysis. Designer® offers several options for publishing product specifications and related documents which can be formatted to comply with your company or regulatory standards for electronic insurance product filing.

The key focus of the ProductXpress® solution is its Calculator a powerful mathematical calculator that can be executed from multiple production systems ensuring exactly the same results wherever the calculation is deployed. A multi functional deployment of the Calculator creates a single point of reliability: calculations are performed centrally with consistent results. The Calculator combines the highest level of reliability with scalability for exceptional performance. The Calculator is easily integrated for use by enterprise systems through ProductXpress® Calculator Connector supporting communication and "business user friendly" data mapping between the Calculator and other systems.


iGas is a life and pensions system that has built-in support for over 250 parameterised products, proven in a dozen countries on four continents; designed and tested by Actuarial and Insurance Industry professionals. iGas provides a complete suite of life company administration functions for various clients worldwide. It covers the full product range for individual life and pensions companies including traditional, unit linked, regular premium, single premium and group business. iGas is a person-based system which supports products with many different charging structures, with or without risk deduction, multiple currencies, multiple lives and irregular and ad-hoc premiums.


Ibexi Solutions ::: Reflecting on the future

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