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Customer Speak
"Inputs from Ibexi were useful for completion of implementation within the expected timeframe, since they have
- Insurance domain understanding
- Process knowledge in international context, especially the cross- functional relationship-extending from front and back office operations
- Project management skills to manage the business application implementation including requirements analysis, testing and user training..."
Rachna Sethi Vice President (Special projects),
Royal Sun Alliance Insurance Company Ltd, India
"You can't build a point of view in isolation of the business, so we built business training programmes like insurance 101, insurance 201 so that our people can understand the business relevance of what they're doing..."

Vivek Paul Vice Chairman, Wipro
"We are very happy to record that the training imparted was in-depth and relevant for the trainees. The feedback from the trainees was equally good in terms of usefulness and pedagogy, and they have been able to apply the training to practical use "

Shubhayu Sengupta
Head- Human Resources Swiss re Shared Services (India) Pvt Ltd


Implementation of Enterprise Wide Systems

To transform a selected package to a success story, the implementation has to be fast, meeting local business practices and regulations, yet keeping the package flexible for future changes. Combining project management skills and insurance domain knowledge, we help in speeding up package implementations. From project management to insurance domain expertise, from conducting Conference Room Pilots to reviewing user-acceptance testing, from gap analysis to functional inputs for data migration, we provide complete support.

Our experienced consultants work closely with the client management team to develop the appropriate plan for your project, catering to the specific needs and complexities, ensuring that task links and resource constraints are recognized. Their experience with many applications such as INGENIUM and Life/400 will work towards reducing the risks and time of implementation.

The way a large, complex system appears to users depends on how its parameters are set-up. During the gap analysis phase, it is easier for users to relate to the system if their products, documents and workflows are set up. A Model office is an environment where the system is set-up to represent the way the company conducts its business: it incorporates your products and workflows. During the Conference Room Pilot, the workflow across the organization is simulated on the Model office with each user department. This enables the core team to understand hands-on the processes, and the way the business would be conducted after implementation. Workarounds identified are assessed in terms of impact on the business. This leads to key decisions of the customization and localization requirements, and the business practices that need to be changed.

With increasing componentization, it is essential to test the integrated system with a functional view from the user's perspective. Our domain experts identify the test scope, define test scenarios and create test cases using a Latin factor model. Standardized testing templates ensure consistency in quality of testing, easy traceability of problems and summaries of the status of the project.

Data migration is a common activity in almost all projects; the impact of data quality on the cutover and the need for functional analysis across systems are often underestimated. With the experience of many insurance projects and applications, Ibexi consultants can provide functional understanding of data in the source and target systems. This leads to lower effort of data migration and higher data quality.

Case study: A leading Insurance Company implements Solcorp's Ingenium

The Indian subsidiary of a leading Insurance Company, chose INGENIUM from EDS/Solcorp for policy administration. It was critical for the Insurance Company to implement the solution in time with no gaps in the high-volume rapidly growing Indian subsidiary.

Our consultants created a model office on base INGENIUM within a month. This included the products, and end-to-end workflow: proposal entry, underwriting, policy issuance, policy servicing and claims. This helped users to identify all the business rules, and to review the planned customization.

In data migration, our consultants worked closely with the application vendor as well as the company doing the data migration. They explained the mapping of data across systems, and provided ways to reconcile the data. They also provided functional inputs to enable quick resolution of problems such as mismatches in premium and paid-to-dates.

Ibexi Solutions ::: Reflecting on the future

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