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Customer Speak
"Inputs from Ibexi were useful for completion of implementation within the expected timeframe, since they have
- Insurance domain understanding
- Process knowledge in international context, especially the cross- functional relationship-extending from front and back office operations
- Project management skills to manage the business application implementation including requirements analysis, testing and user training..."
Rachna Sethi Vice President (Special projects),
Royal Sun Alliance Insurance Company Ltd, India
"You can't build a point of view in isolation of the business, so we built business training programmes like insurance 101, insurance 201 so that our people can understand the business relevance of what they're doing..."

Vivek Paul Vice Chairman, Wipro
"We are very happy to record that the training imparted was in-depth and relevant for the trainees. The feedback from the trainees was equally good in terms of usefulness and pedagogy, and they have been able to apply the training to practical use "

Shubhayu Sengupta
Head- Human Resources Swiss re Shared Services (India) Pvt Ltd


Business Intelligence, OLAP and Datawarehousing

We provide IT solutions for business intelligence: business views of OLTP data, OLAP, data warehousing, data mining and scenario analysis. We have successfully implemented BI solutions working off Life 400 from CSC and INGENIUM from Solcorp. We have BI frame works ready to work with both these popular core applications enabling significant saving in implementation time. We also have a solution architecture and implementation methodology that enables faster implementation of OLAP solutions on any insurance applications.

Solution Architecture

Our consultants are experienced in creating business views and OLAP cubes/ data marts that work off the back-office OLTP systems. Our scalable solution architecture separates the transaction systems from the reporting and analytical work, thus ensuring that reports and OLAP do not affect the performance of the transaction systems or the load on the main servers. As our customers can testify, our solutions can dramatically increase the ease of producing reports and analyses of the large amount of data typically available with insurance companies.

Business Views

 Business Views offer many advantages

  • They provides a business layer which is easy to understand
  • They encapsulate the data structure and its complexities from the user
  • They are logically organized into main folders and sub-folders, enabling users to easily see all the relevant data in 1 view
  • Users have a drag-and-drop reporting environment, where even business users can create their own reports
  • End-users can create their own reports
  • Increased productivity for report creation
  • Low maintenance for report changes

This ease of use enables higher productivity in reporting, and reduces the workload for the IT departments. Also Reports can be automatically scheduled and emailed; this enables users to get the information they want in actionable time.

As the service levels provided to the customer becomes a key differentiator, Customer Relationship Management becomes a strategic need.

In order to implement CRM effectively, it is important to have the data - available across multiple systems - to be organized suitably. Our consultants can provide their expertise in Data warehouse design to provide a fast and efficient CRM system.

With extensive experience in insurance - and many applications, and skills in designing data warehouses, we can design, build and deploy an insurance data warehouse that meets immediate requirements and caters for future needs.

We also have data models for different subject areas of insurance. These dimensional models can be implemented on different tools and technologies, and cover analysis of the customer, policy and the sales channels. There is special focus on slowly changing dimensions such as age, and customer habits. These templates are extremely useful for translating our combined experience into a base for the data warehouse design.

   Dimensional data models for

  • Portfolio analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Policy Servicing
  • Billing and renewal
  • Claims management
  • Turnaround times
  • Motor business analysis


  • Client attributes
  • Agent attributes
  • Policy details
  • Coverage details
  • Billing details
  • Renewal details
  • Policy history
We also have normalized designs of the business views, which provide take-off points for the reporting projects.

Our technical team has worked on many leading tools and technologies such as Teradata, Business Objects (BO), Crystal, Brio, Cognos, Hyperion & Microsoft Analysis Services We can recommend tools depending on your requirements; or work with the tools of your choice.

Case Study: Biz I implementation on SQL Server 2012 for a leading Mumbai based life insurance company.

Project involves Design & Implementation of Enterprise wide MIS Solution- Ibexi insurance focused DW- Biz I, with its pre built components of de-normalized and data mart layer. Insurer wants to achieve a "one point " store state for reporting & dashboard and eliminate pain points like integration of disparate sources, heavy manual intervention, inaccurate reporting information etc. With each phase completion Insurer is achieving benefits of Consolidated view of the business, timely reporting, effective decision making and improved operational efficiencies. Ibexi became an early adopter of new SQL Server 2012. In a short span of time, Ibexi picked up the skills on new version with able support from Microsoft and discovered new improved functionalities which worked for the best benefit for the Insurer as well. Read More .

Case Study: Corporate MIS solution for a leading Insurance Company

A leading Insurance Company's Indian subsidiary implemented a policy administration solution 'Life Asia' from CSC, for their back office operations. In addition, they have deployed a host of collaborative systems for front office operations, actuarial and other activities. There was a need for unified corporate reporting, which could cull data from different sources and present it in the form of standard and analytical reports for senior management decision making.

We have provided a corporate reporting solution to this company covering both summary reports for senior management and detailed operational reporting. Data from host systems has been migrated into a common repository. Reporting and analytic tools connect to this staging database, thereby reducing dependence on core systems for analytics and speeding up the report generation process. Users have the ability to access and build summary and detailed reports on their own, using an intuitive drag and drop environment.

Case Study: Business analysis at a leading Insurance Company's India subsidiary

The Indian subsidiary of a leading Insurance Company, chose INGENIUM from EDS/Solcorp for policy administration, and a workflow system for front office operations and other systems. There was a need for corporate reporting, cutting across all the systems and provide daily analysis to managers at the head office and at the branches.

Our consultants built a staging database and a business layer for the analytical data marts. Using Crystal, MS-OLAP and Oracle, these provide the end-users with the ability to slice and dice a data set of about half a million policies in a matter of seconds. Users have the ability to check the turnaround times for activities, to identify bottleneck areas in policy processing, and to drill-down to specifics using an intuitive drag and drop environment.

Case Study: Datawarehouse requirements for a leading insurance company

One of the world's largest insurance companies - with an estimated 160 million customers - has launched a Datawarehousing project. This involves gathering data from its 2000 branches into a single system, and providing reports and analysis to a multitude of departments at the head office.

Our consultants are currently identifying the dimensional data model for this project. Starting with base designs, the requirements of over a dozen departments, a hundred managers will be consolidated into a set of subject areas.
Ibexi Solutions ::: Reflecting on the future

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